After dedicating November mostly to old series, I plunged into December by picking up some new reads.

Starting with Prep School Confidential by Kara Taylor. I’m quite into spy reads and murder reads, especially when they’re set in a boarding school. Because what’s more secretive than old preppy schools for rich people, right? However, this start of another series turned out to be a bit disappointing for my tastes, mostly because the characters didn’t do it for me. And because the mystery did not captivate. But that could be just me. More detailed review here.

Fulfilling my YA quota of the month, I continued on my holiday romance binge. Choosing One Wish in Manhattan by Mandy Baggot as my next step. Sadly, it was even more boring that the previous one. This one was just too long and well, boring. I had to force myself to finish. I guess all-too-capable heroines and player-kind-of heroes just aren’t my thing.

Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday

Thankfully, my next read made up for any disappointments. Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday was everything I enjoy in a romance. And it was ridiculously cute. And funny. Witty. Charming. I’m in love. With the characters, with their story, with their romance. Honestly, I’m still flailing. You can see just how much here.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by S. J. MaasTo finish my bookish year with a total bang, I picked A Court of Thorns and Roses as my first Sarah J. Maas book. It… wasn’t what I expected, sadly. But it did give me Rhysand, which honestly makes up for everything. My review is up on Goodreads, soon to be added here as well.



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