After being a bit disappointed by the second book in the series, which is something I’ve never experienced with any book by Ilona Andrews, I was a bit… wary. After all, Fate’s Edge by Ilona Andrews is about thieves and, if I’m not mistaken, this is something new from the author. And from what I’ve seen, thieves aren’t exactly the easiest characters to write. (In fact, so far, only Ally Carter has managed to amaze me.) In Fate’s Edge the matters are made even more complicated with magic involved. So I was a teeny bit worried. I should’ve known better. It’s Ilona Andrews, after all. Of course my mind was blown away. Right from the start. And it still is.

Fate’s Edge is the story of the most charming character in the series (in my totally unbiased opinion) – Kaldar. He lies, he cheats, he steals and he never takes anything seriously. He’s one handsome devil. He likes his freedom, beautiful women and his crazy family. He’s awesome beyond words. Yet certain things that happened recently have damaged him and he finds himself working as a spy for one very scary lady. On one very important assignment, he meets Audrey. Then it all goes to hell.

Audrey is a thief. Or well, she used to be a thief. Now she’s one very law-abiding citizen. Almost. She’s a beautiful redhead, she is too hilarious for words, she flirts with Kaldar constantly and yet she refuses to sleep with him. Really, she should’ve known better. Oh, and she can’t kick ass. How awesome is that?

And so, the most amazing couple of the series is born. They are so perfect for each other that it’s scary. Not to mention dangerous. Because they will make you scream in frustration, suffer from all that unresolved sexual tension, laugh till you die and smile in utter happiness and satisfaction.
Fate's Edge by Ilona Andrews

For a complete overkill, this awesomeness is topped with a couple of most darling characters of the series. Yes, we see Jack and George again. In all their glory. Grown up yet still as adorable as in the first book. We also get glimpses of Declan, Rose, Cerise and William. What can be more awesome than seeing all your favourites from the past? Oh, right, the action, the thievery and the plot. Rest assured, Ilona Andrews does not disappoint. There will be heartless killers, cunning spies, sneaky thieves, pathetic drug addicts, arrogant aristocrats and many other things that make Ilona Andrews’ books such a treat.

In short, Fate’s Edge by Ilona Andrews is awesome beyond words and it has truly earned its place as my ultimate favourite. I love this book to bits, and not just because of Kaldar.

Fate's Edge by Ilona Andrews

Fate’s Edge by Ilona Andrews (The Edge #3)

The Edge #3

Published by Ace on November 29th 2011
Romance, Urban Fantasy

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Audrey Callahan left behind her life in the Edge, and she's determined to stay on the straight and narrow. But when her brother gets into hot water, the former thief takes on one last heist and finds herself matching wits with a jack of all trades...

Kaldar Mar-a gambler, lawyer, thief, and spy-expects his latest assignment tracking down a stolen item to be a piece of cake, until Audrey shows up. But when the item falls into the hands of a lethal criminal, Kaldar realizes that in order to finish the job, he's going to need Audrey's help...

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Who is your ultimate insta-buy author to whom you have sworn your heart, your soul, and your money? Have they ever disappointed you?

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