Surprisingly, I started November 2016 by rereading Lover At Last by J. R. Ward. And I honestly have no idea how that happened. The plan was to finally continue with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Lover At Last by J. R. Ward

But of course, nothing went as planned – instead of The King, I somehow went back to Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs. I first dived into the series back in September, went nuts over it immediately, but took a tiny break after book four, because sometimes it’s necessary to pace yourself. But now it was time to finish it all. And I did, picking up Fire Touched, the latest book, at the very end of the month. Now I’m casually screaming about upcoming Silence Fallen. On Daily basis.

However, the Mercy Thompson books were in audio format. Which means I also picked books to read. Because, duh, listening alone is not enough. Gotta devour as much as possible. Am I right? Yes, yes I am.

November graces us with the release of the Timekeeper by Tara Sim. One of the 2016 releases I was most interested in. While it turned out to be somewhat disappointing, it was still entertaining and a series that I plan to continue.

Timekeeper by Tara Sim

Finally, towards the very end of November, I once again felt the need to go on a Holiday romance binge. There is something about Christmas that makes me crave all things light and happy. This year it started with The Winter Wedding by Abby Clements, which was… A quick read, but not very memorable. The pacing was too quick and too many things were happening without delving deep enough into them.

All in all, November 2016 turned out to be a very Mercy Thompson month. Or, a very good month. How was yours?

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