Review policy

Please read the policy below before contacting me to request a review.

I read both young adult and adult fiction. Middle grade is not my preferred area, but if it’s fantasy, I might consider it. If a book is rated above PG, or features triggering content, I will state so clearly in my review and I would appreciate a warning in your request.

I do not read books that contain animal and child abuse. Other kinds of violence are accepted, but I would appreciate a warning on its explicitness.

I genuinely do not care what colour, race, sexual orientation or gender the characters in the book are. What I care about are the characters themselves and their story. That’s all that matters to me.

I can be flexible with genres, but my preferences lay towards fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, and romance fiction. Nonfiction is the only genre I genuinely struggle with, and as such, will not read on request.

My reviews are honest, therefore I do not review books that I have not read (obviously). As much as I do not like giving negative reviews, they happen. My reviews, however, are my subjective opinions and I love to hear what other people think in the comments.

Self-published books are warmly welcomed. However, at this point in time, I only accept fantasy books from self-published authors. I am far, far too picky when it comes to romance.

All formats are accepted, including ARCs. Considering that I live in Finland, shipping costs may vary and as such, ebooks are more than welcome. I accept both .epub and .mobi formats.

Please note that I tend to read what I feel like reading at the moment in order to avoid reading slumps so it may take some time for me to get to a specific book. In addition, each review requires photos and I tend to shoot in bulk. For ARCs, I always time my reviews close to the release date.

If you are interested in requesting a review, please contact me at with a synopsis of the book, a Goodreads link as well as a link to the author’s page (social media or website). If your book contains explicit content and/or violence and other triggers, I would appreciate a warning.

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