2016 is coming to an end, not at all slowly, which means… All sorts of marvellous end of the year tags! Starting with The Dashing and Smashing 2016 Character Awards created by the magnificent Cait from PaperFury. Because it’s an awesome tag and because characters are so very, very important. I can forgive almost any flaw if the characters work for me, not even kidding. So, let’s roll! And remember to check Cait’s blog because, duh, gorgeous photos and so much sass.

1. Most relatable character

Parker Brown from the fourth bridal quartet novel, Happy Ever After, had me even before she got her own love story. She’s a control freak, obsessed with heels, and I only wish I could have as much self-control as she does. Also, those organisation skills. Damn.

2. Most pure and precious animal companion

Okay, so, maybe pure isn’t the most accurate description of Chainsaw from The Raven Cycle, considering who’s responsible for her existence, but definitely most precious. And most dear. And most loyal. Just, all around best.
The Raveb Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater

3. Fiercest fighter

I’ve finally found the courage to reread Lover At Last this year and I was so, so relieved to still love the characters as much as I did back then. Qhuinn in particular managed to once again amaze me with his fierceness and selflessness. And boy does that male know how to fight! And, most importantly, how to protect.

4. Most amazing sidekick

The entire sidekick cast from Magic Binds. Because I couldn’t possibly pick just one. They’re all so very awesome, and sassy, and hilarious. Also magical. And dearly loved. I don’t want Kate Daniels series to end, like, ever. That’s how much I love these precious sidekicks.

5. One you’re surprised you loved

Simon and Baz from Carry On. The reason being that I didn’t care care about them, back when they first appeared as fictional characters in Fangirl. (In retrospect, that might’ve been due to how annoyed I was at the portrayal of fanfiction and the process of writing it. It’s complicated, okay. Because I am a fanfic writer myself.) While I’m still annoyed at Fangirl, I do adore Simon and Baz, and their own story in their own universe.

6. Best sassmaster

Neil Josten from All For The Game series, hands down. When pushed, his mouth is unstoppable and oh, the trouble it gets him in! Some of my absolute favourite moments in the trilogy are about Neil slaying someone verbally. Why use your fists when you can just. End people with your words. Casually.

7. Best anti-hero and morally gray grape

Andrew Minyard from just mentioned All For The Game series. He is… problematic. As in, out of juvie, high on court prescribed happy pills, has-definitely-killed-people-in-the-past kind of problematic. But he’s not exactly a typical mysterious Bad Boy stereotype you often see in YA. More like, violence is all he’s ever known and so he uses it the only good way he can – to protect. I will fight the entire world for him.

Also, Ryodan from Feverborn. Someone in the Fever universe once said that Barrons fucks you up, but Ryodan makes you fuck yourself up. He is… something. Everything. So he cannot be excluded from this one.

The King's Men by Nora Sakavic

8. Best worst villain to hate

I’ve mentioned in my recent review that I was quite disappointed in the main villain from River Marked. While I certainly don’t think it’s the worst villain, it just wasn’t epic enough. Or at least, it didn’t feel as epic as it should considering what it was supposed to be. And well, I didn’t experience many bad villains this year. So this will have to do.

9. Truly astounding worst YA parents

I haven’t read much YA this year but Robert Parrish from The Raven Cycle definitely stood out. He is abusive, both physically and psychologically, he is a violent drunkard, and just a terrible human being. Thankfully, his kid got some incredible friends.

(However, IF you count All For The Game trilogy as YA, then Nathan Wesninski should definitely take this one. His abuse is on a whole another level of violent. And no, this is NOT enough Foxhole Court characters. At all. IT’S NEVER ENOUGH OKAY.)

10. Truly astounding best YA parents

Boy, is it hard to find good parents in YA these days. There have been some nice examples this year, fortunately, but I think the best one should go to Maura from the very same TRC series. She’s quirky and perhaps not the most role-model kind of mom, but her relationship with her daughter is incredibly beautiful and built on mutual understanding.

(And as a bonus, best single dad of the year outside of YA genre goes to… Adam Hauptman from Mercy Thompson series, with his mate taking best stepmom nomination.)

11. Toot toot best ship of them all

This is a very, very cruel question. AND ENTIRELY TOO HARD TO ANSWER. Considering how many otps I’ve acquired just this year alone. So many feelings. So much screaming. HOW TO CHOOSE. Can I at least limit myself to five? Thanks.

In the order of discovery:

  • Damen/Laurent from Captive Prince because they complete each other
  • Ryodan/Dani from Feverborn because finally, FINALLY and because I need MORE
  • Ronan/Adam from The Raven Cycle because they are so good for each other
  • Andrew/Neil from All For The Game because they deserve to grow old and happy together
  • Adam/Mercy from Mercedes Thompson series because their relationship is built on trust

Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning

12. The most in need of protection

Wylan, my sunshine son from Six of Crows. He deserves all the happiness and sunshine in the world. He needs to be protected at all times. JUST IN CASE.

(Also Neil, but he has like. An entire protection squad. And Andrew. You can’t get past Andrew.)

13. Most boring as a barnacle

The entire cast of The 100. The book, definitely not the TV show. They’re just so flat and boring and unoriginal. Especially Glass. And considering the book has little to no plot… Not impressed.

14. Best little royal

Laurent and Damen from Captive Prince, if they can count as little. Can they? IF I SAY SO. But fine, if you want literally little then baby Laurent? That works, surely.

(I kinda want to jokingly say Riko Moriyama because he’s a King of sorts, but that would be cruel, all things considered. He should be second. Because he’s always second.)

Kings Rising by C.S. Pacat

15. Very surprised you’re still alive

I feel the need to say certain characters from Six of Crows, because of their ability to piss off other characters. (And by characters I mean the entire city. Plus a few neighbouring kingdoms.) But I cannot say whom exactly I mean, because that would be spoilers. And because I already feel bad enough that I have to say certain characters, for spoilery reasons…

16. Best at horrible decision making

Alina from the Grisha trilogy had me banging my head against the wall pretty much every time she decided to do something. Needless to say, not my favourite heroine. (Indeed, she ruined the entire series for me…)

17. Cutest dork

Simon and Blue from Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda because they’re dorks. And so very cute. And I need Oreos. Because that’s how cute they are.

(No, but, important question: does Damen count as a dork? Who’s obsessed with Laurent? I mean, Laurent totally counts as a certified obsession so. I mean. WHY NOT. It’s very understandable.)

18. Cleverest little hellion

Kaz Brekker, the mastermind of Six of Crows gang. How does that brain even work. I do not understand. He predicts everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING. Every possibility AND impossibility.

19. Most in need of a nap

Adam Parrish from The Raven Cycle because he works way, way too hard. Please give him a comfy bed over at the Barns and a full day off. Or an entire weekend. Thanks. (Also, feed him. Carefully.)

20. Want to read more about you

LYNCH BROTHERS. Yes, all three of them. They deserve a story of their own. Despite how awesome it was in The Raven Cycle, from start to finish. Their family is just so… magical and beautiful and also tragical and gosh, the feels. I can’t take them but I also need more. (And I am so, so very glad we might be getting one in some distant future.)

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

Well, that was a lot of TRC… #sorrynotsorry Even less sorry for the amount AFTG.

What characters impressed you this year? Which awards would you give them? And which character stood out the most out of them all?

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