Hollis Templeton, unlike so many other Special Crimes Unit agents, has been featured in many, many past SCU books. Enough to earn herself the reputation of a cat with nine lives. And in Wait for Dark by Kay Hooper, those lives are once again tested. Thankfully, there’s also Reese DeMarco, ready to shield. And oh boy, does he ever! But first, let’s talk other exciting things.

Horror movie, anyone?

A very careful driver crashing her car in the middle of the night, an annual family barbeque ending in a deadly grill explosion, a bride dying in an elevator accident right before her wedding. All accidents. All in the same small town. And all connected, with a text message from an unknown sender right before the accident: Wait for dark. Spooky, much?

Such is the start of Wait for Dark by Kay Hooper. And from then on, it only gets better. Or worse, depending on point of view, I guess. As with Fear the Dark, I found this book to be truly enjoyable for the plot alone. It is mysterious. Chilling. Deadly. And the monster, once again, is very concrete and very human. It’s the question of whether it can be caught. Preferably before someone else has to die. Like, say, the SCU team.

Hollis Templeton: complete

The deal is this: I’ve been binge reading this series for the past weeks, from Blood Sins to Wait for Dark. And in all that time, I’ve been screaming about one thing — Hollis Templeton. And Hollis and Reese. And, of course, Hollis and Bishop. (Also, Reese and Bishop talking about Hollis. Because, duh.)

All SCU members have their share of demons. But Hollis is different, unique. Because Hollis was one of the victims in earlier books. And even though she remade herself and her life after, she never quite… dealt with that attack. So, for the past few books, she’d been involved in many investigations, but she never quite got her story. Until, in Hostage, a monster forced her to face all that has happened to her in the worst possible way. Wait for Dark is Hollis getting up from that punch, and maybe, just maybe, starting to heal. With the help of Reese DeMarco, also known as, A Very Patient Man.

Reese and Hollis are hands down my favourite romance in the entire series. (After Miranda and Bishop, of course. Those two don’t count. They’re out of this world.) It’s a journey that took them many books and a lot of trust. It’s a journey in which they both had to change and adjust and acknowledge that. Seeing it all come to a wonderful inevitable conclusion was everything I ever wanted from them and for them. Except that, of course, no story is ever concluded but, rather, is a beginning of a new one.

Wait for Dark by Kay Hooper

Everything I love and everything I wanted

It hasn’t been that long since I’ve fist picked up my first Special Crimes Unit book on a random recommendation from a person whose writing I admire very, very much. But it was a quick journey of two binge sittings, of sorts. And during that journey, I encountered books that I liked and books that I reeeeeeally liked. But there hasn’t been one that I truly loved. (Except, maybe, Out of Shadows. But it was one of the first ones and past I did appreciate it enough. I feel like I would if I were to reread it right now. Which I maybe should. Hmmm.)

Wait for Dark is the SCU book that I truly did love. Not in a fangirly, screaming way I usually do. But rather in a way that I love Nora Roberts’ books and a few other romances. It’s the kind of love where the book just makes me feel… good. Complete. Satisfied. It gives me, through its characters, something inspiring and something to strive for. Books that make me feel like this are most precious and something I am always thankful for. So, kudos to Hooper!

(And, once again, kudos to Miranda Bishop for making me Feel with just one sentence. Honestly, that woman. And honestly, her husband. He gave me so many feels in this one. Somebody, buy him a Yoda mug.)

Wait for Dark by Kay Hooper

Wait for Dark by Kay Hooper (Bishop/SCU #17)

Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #17

Published by Berkley on March 7th 2017
Adult, Mystery, Paranormal

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In Clarity, North Carolina, the residents have fallen victim to an unfortunate series of events. Seemingly random accidents have taken the lives of several citizens in the small mountain town. But these deadly coincidences are anything but. Something is on the hunt in Clarity, and the only clue as to what is a cryptic note given to the victims 24 hours before they meet their ends: “Wait for dark.”

Sheriff Mal Gordon knows how to handle his town, but he has no idea how to handle this. Hollis Templeton and her team from the Special Crimes Unit, including her partner and lover, telepath Reese DeMarco, are called in to investigate.

But while the SCU has prepared them for the unknown, the incredible evil stalking Clarity shakes the team to their core when one of their own is targeted. Now Hollis, the “cat with nine lives” finds herself facing death again.

And this time, not even her partner can protect her...

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Also by the author: Fear the Dark

What kind of books make you feel good? What is your ultimate comfort read?


    • Thank you! Yes, Kay Hooper nails the creepy, every time. And, well, technically they CAN be read as stand-alones, especially the first ten books or so. Aside from a few cameos, there isn’t that much that ties those. Not so much the last ones, though. But I do recommend all of them, to be honest. For those days when you crave some paranormal suspense.

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